Which method is good for washing tattoos? “Super picosecond” 10 minutes to wash off the full forearm tattoo

For some young people, tattoo is a symbol of fashion and personality, but when people mature or face employment, marriage and love, they often regret the original tattoo. But is it so easy to wash tattoos? Traditional laser tattoo washing not only takes a long time, but also has obvious pain in the process. Is there a better way to wash tattoos?

Laser “super picosecond” treatment can reduce the number of laser, and the effect of removing pigment is more obvious.

The ultra picosecond laser scans the tattooed skin of Xiao Chen, which is like an eraser, and the pigment is obviously weakened.

A 17-year-old rebellious teenager is determined to repent and hope to wash his tattoo and look new

Xiao Chen, 17, is a senior high school student in Foshan. Due to his parents’ neglect of discipline over his son, two years ago, Xiao Chen, who was in the rebellious period, met a group of “gangsters” in society, became idle and even fought with them. Under the influence of these bad friends, in order to “pretend to be cool”, Xiao Chen secretly tattooed a large blue and black tattoo on his left forearm without telling his parents. However, the big tattoo didn’t make him “cool” for a few days, and trouble came: the students thought Xiao Chen had become a “Underworld” and avoided him one after another; His parents were so angry that they hanged him several times. When Chen’s family was young, they slowly realized their ignorance and repented. He is determined to cut off contact with those bad friends, go to school and study hard, and is determined to sign up for the army when he turns 18 next year.

However, the large tattoo on his arm became the biggest obstacle for him to pass the requirement of joining the army. According to Dr. Wang Xitao, director of Guangzhou Meilai beauty and dermatology department, Xiao Chen’s tattoo belongs to deep blue melanin, which is difficult to remove. It needs to be treated nearly 10 times with ordinary laser instruments, and the pain is strong.

However, with the rapid development of medical beauty technology, the emergence of the world’s latest laser “super picosecond” gives tattoo washing a new choice. According to Dr. Wang Xitao, laser “super picosecond” treatment can reduce the number of laser, and the effect of removing pigment is more obvious, and the pain is also greatly reduced.

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