What if you regret after tattooing?

Many people may have a different view of tattoo, but it is actually a hobby and an art, so we should take a normal attitude towards it. However, there are also some people who are not satisfied with their patterns after tattooing, so they regret it. What should we do in this case?

First, laser tattoo removal. After tattooing, many people are not satisfied with their tattoos for various reasons, so they want to remove these tattoos. Many methods are fruitless, but at present, we have a very thorough method to remove tattoos, that is, using lasers, but this needs to be found in some large beauty salons or formal large hospitals.

Generally, there will be a tattoo washing project in the dermatology department or beauty and plastic surgery hospital in some large hospitals, but we must choose some formal places and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the whole tattoo washing process to prevent infection. However, the price of laser tattoo removal may be relatively high.

Second, a special potion for removing tattoos. In some tattoo beauty shops, there are not only tattoos, but also potions to remove tattoos. However, there are relatively few beauty shops of this type. However, it should be noted that removing tattoos requires a special potion, so the price will be relatively higher than that of tattoos, and the pain will be greater and stronger when washing tattoos than when tattoos.

Third, liquid nitrogen freezing method. Compared with the first two methods, this method will be a little more frightening to implement. Liquid nitrogen freezing method is a method of freezing the skin with low-temperature liquid nitrogen, which can make the skin tissue with shallow epidermis necrosis and fall off, so as to remove the tattoo tissue. However, this method will be more painful to bear, and there may be some sequelae.

However, from the perspective of health care, tattooing is not advocated. First of all, using the tip of a needle to stab the human body is a great damage to human cells, which is not conducive to human health. In addition, if the tattoo needle is not disinfected thoroughly during tattooing, it will spread some diseases, and some people may have allergies and even leave scars after tattooing, so tattooing is also a certain risk.

But in a word, you must be mentally prepared before tattooing. If you wash the tattoo after tattooing, you will suffer a lot of pain. In addition, if you are in the wandering period of tattoo and no tattoo, you can choose to use some tattoo stickers similar to tattoo on the market first, and then carry out the real tattoo after confirming that you like it, so as to avoid the behavior of washing the tattoo after regret.

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