What are the current hair removal methods?

The current depilation methods include non thermal power depilation methods, such as scraping, pulling, wax depilation and depilation cream or depilation cream; And using thermodynamic hair removal methods, such as electroacupuncture, flash lamp and laser hair removal. Only the thermal power depilation method can achieve permanent, and laser depilation is the most advanced method of thermal power depilation.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the most advanced permanent hair removal method at present: obvious hair removal effect, fast operation speed, light pain and no side effects.

Is laser hair removal suitable for yellow people? Why?

Laser hair removal is very suitable for yellow people, because the color difference between skin and hair is very obvious.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is a very safe hair removal method: highly targeted, no side effects on the human body and almost no impact on the skin.

What should I pay attention to when doing laser depilation?

For laser hair removal, it should be noted that the hair removal part should be protected from sun one week before treatment and two weeks after treatment. The hair removal part should not be depilated, waxed and electrolytic hair removal two weeks before treatment.

The principle of laser hair removal?

The principle of laser hair removal is the principle of selective Thermodynamics: that is, the selected wavelength only acts on melanin but not on normal skin tissue, and the selected pulse width only acts on melanin in hair follicle but not on melanin in skin basal layer.

How many times does laser hair removal need? Why?

Laser hair removal generally takes three to six times, mainly due to two factors: first, most hair follicles are tied together in groups of three and open in the same pore. A hair in the pore is the hair growing from one of the three hair follicles in a group below it, so one treatment can only damage one hair follicle in a group; Second, hair growth should go through the growth period, degenerative period and resting period. Laser hair removal in the growth period is 75% effective, the degenerative period is 25%, and the resting period is almost ineffective.

Will depilation affect perspiration? Why?

After depilation, it will not affect perspiration, because perspiration mainly depends on small sweat glands, and the opening of small sweat glands is not in the hair follicle.

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