What are the characteristics of laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a good treatment for tattoo removal. If you don’t understand and be careful about this method, it will also lead to some adverse phenomena.

Experts pointed out that laser tattoo removal uses the light blasting principle of laser. It irradiates the skin with a fixed wavelength laser. The laser penetrates the epidermal layer and the papillary layer of dermis and acts on the small pigment groups in the skin. After absorbing the energy of laser, the pigment groups expand and burst. Some will pop out of the body immediately, and some will be swallowed by macrophages in the human body, and then discharged out of the body with the human lymphatic system.

The energy of laser tattoo removal treatment method is continuously adjustable, the output power is high, the treatment range is wide, the treatment course time is shortened, and each disease is finely treated with good effect. Laser tattoo removal requires no anesthesia, no cross infection, no damage to normal skin, complete removal of pigment and no scars.

Can laser tattoo be washed clean

Experts believe that: laser tattoo removal does not damage the skin living tissue, and laser tattoo removal does not leave scars, and the effect is good. The characteristic of laser tattoo removal is that it is suitable for removing shallow tattoo patterns, but the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the skin may become pigmented or lose after operation; Remove the scar left when the skin is too deep, and it is difficult to completely remove the deeper pigment. Excision suture method and excision skin grafting method, but there are obvious scars left after the operation, and the color and texture of the skin grafting area are poor.

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