How to nurse after summer depilation

Hair removal is a required course for many women in summer. How can their beautiful body be damaged by excess hair if they want to show their beauty? Women all know that there are many ways of depilation, including razor shaving, depilation cream depilation, wax depilation, laser depilation, etc. then, how to care after depilation in summer?

What about red spots after depilation?

After depilation, the red spots on the skin are caused by the blockage of new hair under the skin. Therefore, 24 hours before depilation, no matter what method is used for depilation, the skin at the depilation place should be cleaned first, gently massaged with exfoliating cream to remove cutin and remove dead skin. In this way, red spots can be effectively avoided.

When is the best time to depilate?

Many female friends, in order to get rid of hair conveniently and quickly, are used to getting rid of hair casually when bathing in the morning. In fact, this is not a good opportunity for depilation. Because after a night’s rest, people’s legs will be slightly swollen when they get up in the morning, resulting in some hair hidden in the skin texture. Therefore, at this time, it is easy to scrape out incompletely and leave hair roots.

How to avoid new hair hardening?

Clean depilation will show smooth skin, but if wax depilation is used, the interval between two depilations should not be too dense, generally 3-4 weeks apart. When the length of bikini hair and leg hair is 6mm, it is more appropriate to use honey wax to tear and remove hair. Because the hair is too short, the wax can not properly grasp the hair, but will continue to stimulate the hair follicles, resulting in the hair becoming thicker, darker and harder.

How does the skin dry after depilation do?

Due to the stimulation of depilation on the skin, female friends should remember to replenish moisture for the skin in time after depilation. The method is to rinse it with warm water, then take an appropriate amount of toner with firming effect and non-alcoholic toner, apply it evenly to the skin, and then apply a thin layer of refreshing moisturizer.

How to prevent sunscreen after depilation?

No matter which method is used for depilation, it has certain irritation to the skin. Therefore, before depilation, it is best to stop using skin care products containing acidic components such as fruit acid and retinoic acid, and pay attention to sunscreen at the same time. It is not suitable to depilate after exposure to the sun. In addition, after depilation, the skin will be damaged to a certain extent. We should pay attention to strict sunscreen and refuse to eat photosensitive foods such as tomatoes.

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