How to get rid of tattoos? What ways can I get rid of tattoos?

Tattoo washing is to remove the pictures, words and English letters originally tattooed on the body. It may be because of love, life and the purpose of trying to change the current situation or mood. The number of people washing tattoos is also increasing. In fact, getting rid of tattoos is not as simple as expected, because the pigment used in the tattoo process is generally located in the dermis of the skin, not the epidermis.

So what are the ways to get rid of tattoos?

  1. High frequency electronic watch needle

It mainly uses high-voltage electric spark to remove the tattoo, which has obvious limitations. In this way, the surface skin of the tattoo can be metabolized and fall off. Generally, only the surface tattoo can be removed. If the deep tattoo is adopted in this way, it will leave scars that are difficult to remove, which will further affect the overall beauty of the skin.

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine wash tattoo

Its essence is to burn the skin at the tattoo site through chemical agents, but in the process of implementation, the requirement of traditional Chinese medicine dose control is high, and ordinary doctors cannot control the dose. The overall effect is relatively good. Once used excessively, it will lead to scars caused by burning on the skin of the action part, which is more difficult to remove.

  1. Agent a + agent B

Similar to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine tattoo washing mentioned above, the essence is to remove the tattoo by burning the skin. However, only the surface part of the skin can be removed, and it is not recommended to continue to use the deep-seated pigment of the skin, otherwise it will leave scars.

  1. Removing pigment by freezing

This method is not easy to control in real life and the operation is difficult, so the use frequency is very low, mainly because it is difficult to control the injection range of liquid nitrogen after freezing treatment. If the strength is not handled well, the treated skin will have serious infection or blistering.

  1. Divine needle heat transfer

According to the tattoo area of the beauty seeker, divine needles of different sizes and shapes are formulated, which act on the tattoo area after heating treatment. In this way, the heat generated by the divine needle can burn the skin, reduce the moisture of the skin, and remove the pigment after peeling. However, in the process of implementation, various difficulties may be encountered. The action time and heating temperature of divine needle will affect the operation effect. If the degree is not well controlled, it will damage the dermal tissue of the skin, and scald and infection are inevitable.

  1. Laser tattoo wash

Laser tattoo washing is the most widely used technology at present, but the current technology can not guarantee that all tattoos can be achieved by this technology. Generally, laser tattoos are aimed at black, dark and red tattoos, while tattoos of other colors have poor effect. At present, the more popular non chemical dye tattoos on the market are not suitable for laser removal, because the effect is minimal, and may even stimulate the penetration of tattoo pigment into the deeper skin.

It can be seen that not all tattoos can be well solved by relying on modern technology. For some types of tattoos, it is not suitable to use the above methods. For tattoos that cannot be removed, those seeking beauty should know well. This may be a “mark” that will exist on the skin all their life.

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