How much is leg laser depilation

The leg is the most common part of laser hair removal, because it is exposed skin in summer and should be smooth. So, how much is laser depilation for legs? Let’s introduce it in detail.

Different from traditional plastic and cosmetic methods, leg laser hair removal is carried out in the way of scanning. When the laser goes down, it feels like being bounced by a rubber band. It hurts a little. But the pain will be relieved after anesthesia. After laser hair removal, pay attention to keep the legs clean. And avoid sun exposure, otherwise the skin will turn black. If the pigment has not completely subsided, the next treatment can be carried out in about 3 months, and everyone’s physique is very different, so the specific course of treatment is also different, which has a great impact on the problem of how much laser hair removal on the legs. The final treatment cost should be determined in combination with their own actual situation.

Leg laser hair removal is that melanin of skin hair follicle selectively absorbs photon energy of specific wavelength to produce thermal effect, which makes hair follicle coagulate and necrosis without damaging skin and sweat glands, so as to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues. For the problem of how much the actual leg laser hair removal costs, it should be affected by the treatment effect, and also take into account the technical level, hospital level, area and other factors.

There are no special precautions before leg laser hair removal treatment. Put anesthetics on the parts that need treatment. After a few minutes, laser treatment can be carried out. Because the laser is harmful, improper treatment will be dangerous. It must be operated by a professional doctor, isolated and protected, and wear special goggles to protect your eyes from laser damage. The beam of speckle removal laser is hit bit by bit, and there are certain differences in the growth cycle and depth of different parts of hair, and the treatment times of leg laser hair removal will also be different.

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