How many times does laser tattoo washing need to be done? Will it leave a scar?

Unlike traditional tattoo cleaning, laser tattoo cleaning can selectively treat the skin with different wavelengths of laser, so that the skin will not be damaged. Do you have any doubts about laser tattoo washing? Let’s have a look.

What doubts do you have about laser tattoo washing?

  1. Why do some tattoos need multiple laser treatments

Generally speaking, tattoo washing can be processed by laser once, and the effect is very obvious, or even fade out completely. However, if the tattoo is very deep, it is difficult to completely remove it through one treatment. In this case, it usually needs multiple treatments to achieve the best effect. The effect of laser treatment of tattoos is also closely related to the dyeing quality of tattoos. For example, the dyeing particles of eyebrow lines are relatively fine and the dyeing components are relatively pure. The treatment is effective. Basically, this treatment can be eliminated at one time. Generally, green and yellow tattoos are difficult to remove. Professional tattoo, because it contains metal, iron and other dyes, laser is easier to oxidize and difficult to remove.

  1. Will laser tattoos leave scars

In addition to serious scar formation, this method of cleaning will not damage the skin and leave scars. After treatment, the skin can be completely recovered through appropriate care, but some people with scar constitution may have scars, so before treatment, they should tell their doctors about their personal situation to avoid unnecessary trouble.

  1. Does laser tattoo cleaning affect the skin

The response of different skin to laser treatment varies from person to person. Everyone has different tattoos, so the treatment times of each person are closely related to the differences between individuals.

The skin of Asians is different from that of other mainlanders, and their skin characteristics are also different. Individual patients may have pigmentation. Usually, doctors take preventive measures to avoid pigmentation and prevent the occurrence of pigmentation. Although individual patients have pigmentation, pigmentation will disappear within a few months without special treatment.

  1. Does laser tattoo wash hurt

Before laser tattoo cleaning, dermatologists will use anesthetics to relieve pain for people who want beauty. Therefore, the pain of laser tattoo cleaning is completely acceptable, and babies who worry about pain don’t have to worry too much.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the doubts about laser tattoo washing. I believe you have a general understanding of this problem after reading the above content. In the future life, I hope patients can clear the content of laser tattoo washing, and then worry less. I hope the above content can help you.

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