Freezing point laser depilation can be completely depilated several times

In the hot summer, beauty lovers don’t want to have too much body hair. Therefore, many people choose the method of freezing point laser hair removal to remove excess body hair. How many times can freezing point laser hair removal be complete|

Freezing point laser depilation is a good method for people to depilate. It is also an ideal depilation method among the popular permanent depilation methods. Freezing point laser depilation is fast, less painful and once and for all. In fact, freezing point laser hair removal is to let the laser go deep into the hair follicle through appropriate irradiation, burn the hair roots, and then destroy the hair follicle, so as to achieve the purpose that the body hair will no longer grow.

Because the hair itself has strong regeneration ability, and it is difficult to cover all the body hair in one operation, a small part of the hair follicle will become a “fish out of the net”. In order to achieve the goal of completely smooth skin, it is impossible to achieve the goal of complete depilation at one time. No matter how many times the freezing point laser depilation needs to be done, it can completely depilate. In order to achieve the goal of permanent depilation, it is necessary to determine the part where the hair needs to be damaged.

The treatment process of freezing point laser hair removal is quite simple: first, communicate with the doctor to see if your skin is sensitive and traumatic, then conduct pigment examination and experimental laser irradiation, and then you can remove hair. The treatment time is usually determined by the treatment site. Several courses of treatment can completely remove hair. After laser hair removal for one or two days, there may be slight redness, swelling and burning sensation, but as long as ice compress and other treatments are carried out, the discomfort will subside in one or two days.

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