Do you have to wash laser tattoos many times?

For ordinary tattoos, most of the tattoo pigments used are ordinary ink, which not only have coarse particles, but also have a lot of impurities. Therefore, the treatment is more difficult than eyebrow tattoos and eyeliner tattoos. It usually needs to be completely removed, which takes 3-5 times. Some patients may need longer treatment.

Do you have to wash laser tattoos many times? The treatment of color tattoos is also more difficult than ordinary ones, requiring more treatment times. The interval between two treatments is 2 months. Because this kind of laser hardly damages the skin, there are generally no spots after treatment, which can completely restore the natural color of the skin. However, people with partial scar constitution may have scar reaction. Therefore, before treatment, patients should tell the tattoo washing shop about the situation.

There are great individual differences in the body’s response to laser treatment. In addition, each patient’s condition is light and heavy, so there are great individual differences in the number of treatments per person. Due to the characteristics of Asian skin, individual patients may have pigmentation. Usually, tattoo cleaners will take preventive measures to avoid pigmentation to reduce the occurrence of pigmentation. Even if individual patients have color restlessness, they will disappear within a few months without special treatment.

Because the vision is slow to judge the color, you may feel the effect of treatment only when the color of the lesion subsides by about 50%. Generally speaking, if the original cyan turns brown after treatment, it means that the pigment has subsided by 50%. There will be different degrees of skin edema in the treatment area (depending on individual differences, the degree of edema varies), and there may also be mild bleeding, which is a normal treatment response.

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