Can the effect of laser depilation be maintained

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method using high-tech laser technology, which can carry out lasting and effective complete hair removal and make you instantly have smooth and white skin. However, many friends are still worried about the durability of laser hair removal. So, can the effect of laser hair removal really be maintained?

Principle of laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal is a hair removal technology based on laser equipment beam. The laser beam penetrates the surface of the skin and thoroughly cleans and decomposes the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding normal skin. Moreover, the hair follicles in the growth period have more melanin and stronger absorption of the light emitted by the laser, so as to achieve sexual hair removal. The whole hair removal treatment process is simple and fast, and there is no scar after hair removal treatment.

Can the effect of laser hair removal be maintained?

How long laser hair removal can be maintained depends on the treatment effect, treatment times, treatment interval, energy during treatment, individual differences of beauty seekers and many other aspects, so it can not be generalized. Generally, laser hair removal effect is very good and can basically achieve the purpose of sexual hair removal, but the above factors affect everyone’s retention time, The nursing after laser hair removal is also very important.

Precautions and nursing after laser hair removal:

  1. After laser depilation, the depilated part should be disinfected with alcohol or coated with some anti-inflammatory ointment to avoid the occurrence of folliculitis. And when taking a bath, don’t pour hot water on the treatment part, and use warm water more.
  2. After laser hair removal, do not use hot water to scald and scrub the treated part after laser hair removal. Don’t bake sauna or steam bath. The reason is to avoid infection, and don’t swim in swimming pools or beaches.
  3. After laser hair removal, try not to use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid or a acid, and better choose to use mild skin care products. Remember not to drink, smoke or eat too spicy food.
  4. After laser hair removal, the patient is better not to wear too tight clothes or silk stockings, so as to keep the treated part dry and breathable. Don’t bask in the sun for at least half a year. Be sure to use sunscreen products under the guidance of doctors.

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