Can photon rejuvenation lead to aging?

Many beauty lovers choose photorejuvenation to achieve “eternal youth”, because everyone hopes to have white skin forever. Photorejuvenation is also the most popular part of skin laser. Many people pay more attention to the question: will the skin age faster after photorejuvenation for a period of time?

Why does the skin “age”

The aging we usually understand is not the aging of the skin in the real sense. It is because light irradiates our skin over time and finally “ages” the skin. In fact, this effect of sunlight has accumulated since childhood. We can also notice that white people have more obvious wrinkles than us, which may be the reason why their skin is less resistant to light.

Can photon rejuvenation accelerate aging

After photorejuvenation treatment, the structure of the skin has changed, which is manifested in the recovery of collagen, especially elastic fibers in the skin. As long as the protection is strengthened in the future, the skin will not accelerate aging. The earliest research on the effect of photon treatment on aging in the United States shows that people who received photon treatment as early as five years ago were still very satisfied.

How to care after photon rejuvenation

After the first three days of pain, we entered the second stage of the test, that is, the dry itch that began to scab. The only way to relieve dry itching is to make the wound moist. But do not rub the cream, because the emulsifier is easy to prolong the healing time of the wound, but should choose water. For example, cosmetic spray, after sun repair gel, highly sensitive skin moisturizing products and so on. It doesn’t hurt to apply a little more. Keep mending it. Apply it as soon as it itches. Don’t scratch it with your hands. By the sixth day, if the wound is basically scab, you can use a little cleanser to wash your face gently and softly. But it must be more gentle if you use latex or jelly like cleansing products. After washing, water emulsion is added, which contains a small amount of oil, which reduces the tightness of the skin. Therefore, the younger skin after photorejuvenation treatment will not accelerate aging, but if you want to do Photorejuvenation, you still need to go to a regular plastic and cosmetic institution, because photorejuvenation also has certain indications and postoperative complications, and beauty can only appreciate under the guarantee of safety.

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