Can laser tattoo removal completely remove tattoos?

Everyone has been young. The most difficult thing to control when young is impulse. As the saying goes, “impulse is the devil”. There are always many impulses when you are young. When you stand in front of fashion and trend, the impulse will be defeated at one blow. There is no doubt that the upsurge of tattoo has unlimited temptation for most young people.

Troubles caused by Tattoos:

However, with the gradual maturity, the bad environment of life and work has changed. When you stop pursuing these things, the only thing tattoos bring is trouble. For example, in hot summer, in order to cover up the tattoo on your legs, you can only choose to wear trousers and so on. So many people want to get rid of tattoos. So is laser tattoo removal effective? Can it be removed completely?

How to treat laser tattoo removal:

Before we know whether laser can completely remove tattoos, let’s learn how laser can remove tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is to break the pigment particles into very small particles by irradiating the tattoo with laser without causing skin burns around. It is gradually discharged from the urinary system through blood circulation, so it can effectively remove the tattoo.

So can laser remove tattoos completely?

Experts tell us that the color of normal tattoos engraved on people’s skin is not easy to recover, just like skin burns. It is not so easy to remove the pigment left on the dermis, and most of the tattoos are dark in color and large in area, which have penetrated into the subcutaneous tissue.

Therefore, general methods can not effectively eliminate tattoos. However, the laser can enter the tattoo. During treatment, the dye of the tattoo color is gasified and crushed, so that the tattoo color gradually fades. Shallow tattoos are generally treated once, and the effect will be obvious, or even completely eliminated.

Using laser to remove tattoos can control the depth of the laser reaching the skin, so that the pulse can be adjusted to minimize the degree of skin damage. Ordinary tattoos can be removed after 1-3 times of laser removal. Generally, the skin can return to normal within 7 to 10 days.

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