Can laser depilation cause skin inflammation

Every summer, MM who loves beauty will worry about the exuberant hair on her body. Although laser hair removal can solve this problem, laser hair removal needs to be done many times to see the effect. Therefore, many people choose to do laser hair removal in this season. So, will laser hair removal cause skin inflammation?

Laser hair removal is the most commonly used hair removal method, which is mostly used for the body. Because laser hair removal is suitable for soft hair and mild hair removal, it is also commonly used for facial hair removal in recent years.

It is a convenient, fast, efficient and safe way to use special light energy to destroy hair follicles and make hair follicle tissue irreversible, so as to effectively prevent hair from growing.

Laser hair removal is generally based on the principle of selective thermodynamics. The emitted light beam will penetrate the surface of the skin and finally be absorbed by the hair follicle. Through the selective absorption of laser energy, the hair follicle will be damaged and can not regenerate long hair without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Because laser hair removal uses a series of laser pulses, which will be accompanied by a little tingling or slight burning feeling, most beauty seekers can easily receive treatment without anesthesia.

Can laser depilation cause skin inflammation?

Although some beauty seekers may have temporary redness or swelling or even mild skin pruritus during treatment, the redness and swelling will subside and the skin will return to normal a few hours after treatment. Therefore, laser hair removal will not cause skin inflammation, and there is no need to do any special care. There is little discomfort after treatment, which will not affect normal life and work.

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